START-UP WORLD wishes to organize at least one event per month in order to promote meetings, synergies and the influence of the Start-up WORLD brand.

The idea is to increase the possibilities and opportunities for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and project leaders to speak up, to make themselves known and to forge professional alliances, and also to understand their issues, constraints and aspirations.

The objective is to transform the participants of these into enthusiastic ambassadors who will be able to spread word of mouth on social networks in particular.

A range of events thus allows the club to shine

The aim of these events is to create, develop, consolidate and promote a community of start-ups.


“Pitch Night” events are evenings dedicated to pitching projects. The goal is to allow entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and project leaders to test their concept with a benevolent assembly that will give them constructive feedback on their overall performance (presentation, attitude, interest aroused, etc.)


Start-up WORLD organizes distance learning courses to help entrepreneurs, in these difficult times, to keep generating money quickly.


"Start-up story" events allow a presentation of a specific start-up, its history, its product, to a small committee followed by a question and answer session


The "Brainstorming session" events are a sharing of knowledge around a technical theme relating to a key area for start-ups: blockchain, AI, digital marketing, SEO ...